The Colossal List of Adoption Shower Ideas

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Our first adoptions were done through the foster to adopt program so we weren’t able to celebrate when our children first came to us. When our oldest daughter’s adoption finalized more than 4 years after she came to live with us, a group of my friends threw me a surprise shower at a restaurant with gifts and the most lovely cards. Then when we got her birth sister as a baby, friends threw her and I an adoption shower. It was such a special time for me to be able to publicly acknowledge this huge event in our family!

Over the years, I had held baby showers for numerous friends and relatives and as all babies deserve to be celebrated, I had missed being able to have this event for my babies. It was all the more special to be able to commemorate my new baby’s induction into our family at her shower.

Years later when we brought home two children from Ethiopia, we waited until they adjusted before we held a welcome party for them at our home.

These events are important commemorations and being able to share them with friends and family make them even more meaningful.

Shower themes and ideas:

Happy Home Fairy shares a shower for a Russian adoption including martyroshkas (Russian Nesting Dolls) as decor and many personal touches.

The Sweetest Occasion shares ideas for an older child adoption shower or celebration.

These Three Remain has ideas for decorations and food for a Chinese adoption shower.

The Pleated Poppy has cute ideas for a globe themed adoption shower that could be used for any international adoption.

This adoption shower has wonderful photos and some really lovely ideas for incorporating faith and prayer.

This surprise Chinese adoption shower featured on Party Wagon has beautiful decorations and all sorts of special details.

I like the way this adoption coffee and dessert party also teaches guests a bit about Ethiopia.

This Heaven Sent shower could be used for a domestic or international adoption.

Globes and paper airplanes are the theme of this shower which would be perfect for any international adoption.

The Paper Pony has some ideas for an adoption shower that involve the whole family.

I love, love, love the favors at this Ethiopia adoption shower! (the cake is adorable too)

This Storybook Adoption Shower incorporates ideas that are great if you don’t know the gender of the child being adopted.

Even a simple idea like these Africa shaped cookies adds a special touch to an adoption shower.

I love the fingerprint tree in this adoption shower for an older child, indicating everyone’s support and love.

Hostess with the Mostess shares a Precious Cargo Vintage Travel shower that is just adorable!

Sweet Designs has a travel inspired party with just the most delicious little details.

Living a Radical Life has ideas for a vintage travel theme for an adoption from Thailand. My favourite thing about this one is that they share with shower guests how to best support the adoptive family once home…a fabulous idea for any adoption shower!

Pure of Faith shares of an Ethiopian adoption party that includes treasures to keep forever.

This Ethiopian adoption shower includes such lovely little touches!


Tiny Prints offers several styles of Adoption Shower invitations.

They also offer adoption announcements.

Shower gift ideas:

Books are my favourite gift for new babies, birthdays, graduations and holidays. Books make a perfect for an adoption shower. You could choose one of the many great children’s books available about adoption or choose a book for the new parents such as The Connected Child: Bringing Hope and Healing to your Adoptive Family¬†(especially good for a toddler or older child adoption) or Loved by Choice (my favourite treasury of heartwarming adoption stories).

Personalized gifts such as this Chosen Heart Adoption Frame, an adoption Christmas ornament, a quilt or blanket, or a special wall hanging or work of art.

Cafepress and Etsy are both great places to find personalized gifts such as jewelry, handmade items, artwork and clothing.

Another thing that is nice to consider is a donation to the orphanage the child came from or to a clean water project in the community they were born if it is an international adoption. The family may request donations be made to an adoption grant organization. There are also ways to give a gift and contribute to an adoption fundraiser as there are many families selling items to fundraise for their adoptions.

Additional ideas:

It is always a nice tribute to the child if you can incorporate their country or culture in some way in the celebration whether that be in the food you choose to serve, the music you play, the decorations or colour scheme, or the gifts. There are situations where it is also appropriate to honour the child’s first family in some way at the shower as well.

For more ideas, you may want to follow my Adoption Showers Board on Pinterest.


  1. Thank you for your post. We are finalizing the adoption of our 2 toddler foster children. I was so heartbroken when we decided to adopt as I knew it meant that there would be none of the "big celebrations" that come with being pregnant such as showers. My mother told me we were crazy to think there would or should be any parties for these two angels that were sent to us. We have had them for 2 years now and they are so worth celebrating! I do not expect a shower but my husband and I are going to have a welcome to our family party for them. They know "their story" and will tell you with great pride that they are our family. That is what it is all about, and we are so blessed to celebrate our new family! Thanks again for your fun ideas!

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